With perseverance, hope and creativity, DELANCE celebrates its 25 years of existence.
Twenty-five years have passed since the launch of DELANCE in 1996. Twenty-five years of creation, of joy and yes, of some deception, during which DELANCE has progressed step by step with perseverance. The year that has just ended was both long and difficult; fortunately, I had projects lined up to prepare our 25th anniversary under the sign of hope and renaissance.
Since I could no longer travel, I had plenty of time to reflect on and elaborate my plans while walking in the beautiful countryside. One fine, February morning in 2020, I was dazzled by the sight of the first snowdrops.
There, before me, was the manifestation of hope and renaissance… flowers! I smiled when I discovered the meaning of the snowdrop: long lasting happiness, forever. This message encouraged me. I was about to create a floral collection to celebrate the 25-year anniversary of Delance!
Per usual, I thoroughly researched the theme, in this case, all about flowers and their meanings. It was fascinating, especially when I discovered that many of the names of flowers were also the first names of women!

The collection is called FLORALIA.

This was the name of the festivities celebrated in antique Rome in honour of the goddess Flore, who was originally a Sabine. It was a Roman celebration of flowers, gardens and the springtime, a cult established by Titus, the legendary king of the Cures, home of the Sabines. Also king of Rome, he shared the throne with Romulus. (Wikipedia)


I now had the idea and the name… I needed to create the watches. It was at that moment that I received a call from a specialist in miniatures. Since one good idea gives rise to another, this engraver joined the team. And thus, the collection Floralia was born with painted faces of mother of pearl and watches engraved with delicate flowers. The photographs were realised by the photographer with whom I have been working for more than twenty years.
Then, I had to give a name to each watch and tell its story. Let me introduce them to you: Anaé, Florencia, Chloé, Daisy, Fang Ying, Bo and Flora. I wrote the texts in French and two translators adapted them in German and English. Everything was ready to appear on the DELANCE site on the first day of Spring, on March 20, 2021. You may discover their faces and messages on delance.com.
The second large project was the translation and publication in French, German and Spanish of my story written in English by an American writer: Butterfly in a Storm, Lady to Watch.
Finding the titles in each language was research I did with a group of women from the countries concerned. For the Spanish, we opted for “Mariposa Rebelde”; in German, “Schmetterling im Wind” and in French, “Papillon dans la Tourmente.” Of course, each language required its own, personal cover and text layout; then we had to create their unique dedications, proof them, then reread them again and again… Finally, Floralia was finished, and each language was available on Amazon.
Now, everything is ready to celebrate the DELANCE anniversary everywhere on the planet. Since I love travelling and sharing my journey and experiences, I shall have the honour of going wherever I am invited. It will be with the greatest pleasure we shall celebrate DELANCE from China to South America, passing, of course, by Coire, Bâle and Geneva, as well as all the European countries.

What a fantastic year in perspective! Perseverance – Hope – Creativity all over the year for all of us.

If you wish to contact me and also tell my story, it is with great pleasure that I shall welcome you to Macolin or answer any questions by email or telephone.
Giselle Rufer Macolin, March 18, 2021
Creator of DELANCE watches