DELANCE – The spirit of a woman
The company DELANCE was created in 1996 in Macolin, Switzerland by Giselle Rufer and is still run by its founder with passion and unlimited enthusiasm. Mrs. Giselle Rufer, has created a timepiece symbolizing the life and dreams of today’s active woman.

An elegant sculpture – a watch with a meaning
Distinctive, always the same, yet different for each woman, this magical timepiece discretely reflects the personal story of the woman who wears it. After 21 years of existence and having created hundreds of personalized watches, DELANCE has gained the reputation of an exclusive watch brand listening to its clients and meeting their highest expectations.

The silent mentor
Often created by a man, the watch becomes a symbol and a pledge of his love and worship for the woman. It is her silent mentor that accompanies her every moment and in every situation. A DELANCE watch is telling everything without words.
DELANCE SA 201, route Principale CH-2532 Macolin Switzerland

A unique shape
Its diamond shape, the universal symbol of life, is encircled by the loop of infinity that links the north to the south, the masculine to the feminine. Inspired by this symbolism, Giselle Rufer designed a series of watches with themes dear to a woman’s heart and to the man who loves her. Gems set and engravings express events of importance, which took place in the past, such as the birth of a woman’s children, special dates and memories.

A personalized timepiece
Since 1996, DELANCE offers emotionally and aesthetically personalized watches for women. The form never changes, yet the watch is unique for each woman. It tells her story, her dreams, her tastes and her personal values through her choice of engravings, set gemstones and enamel, which symbolically enhance the watch itself or the bracelet.

The watchcase
All these ways of personalizing the DELANCE are possible because the gold or massive steel watchcase. Cut from a block of metal, a full 41 successive operations are required to unveil all its subtlety. A veritable masterpiece of refinement, created thanks to savoir-faire and innovative technology. The sapphire face, an invisible jewel, completes its impeccable beauty.