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By Giselle Rufer Femininity

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Here is a Delance poem I wrote for all women in the world.

I would like to have it translated in all languages, and to do it I need your participation.
Let your heart tell you how to translate it and send us a copy in your mother tongues and I will attach your inspired words to this list; and then our words of hope for femininity will be shared around the world.
Thank you so much.


Femininity is magic.
Believe in yourself.
Build your self-esteem. Be all that you can be.
It is wonderful to be a woman.


Etre femme c’est magique, croyez-y !
La DELANCE, une montre unique, une ode à la féminité, compagne de la femme dans sa quête personnelle, mentor silencieux....


Die Zeit ist weiblich!
Um die Frauen zu ermutigen ihre Träume zu realisieren hat DELANCE eine Uhr kreiert, die das Leben und die Träume der Frauen symbolisiert.


Essere donna è magico! La DELANCE, un orologio unico, un’ode alla femminilità, compagna di ogni donna durante la propria ricerca personale, come mentore...


¡Ser una mujer es mágico, lo creo!
DELANCE es un reloj único, una oda a la femineidad, compañero de la mujer en su búsqueda personal, mentor silencioso...


Aika On Feminiini.
Rohkaistakseen naisia toteuttamaan unelmansa on DELANCE kehittänyt ja luonut kellon, joka symbolisoi naisen elämää ja unelmia.


Быть женщиной - это прекрасно, поверьте!
Неповторимые часы ДЕЛАНС создавались,
чтобы воспевать женщину и Ее великолепие...


பெஙெல் ஒரு வகெஇ கஙதி விதெஇ
எந்பெதெஇ நி உநெர்வை நிஎ உந்
விஉபெதெஇ உந் எணெ பெதி உருவகி
கொலெலம் உந்தெ


स्त्र स्त्रीऐक जादू है अपने आप म�� ��वश्व ्व ा करो। अपने आत्म त्म त्म सम्म ्म का ��नमार् करो वो सब बनो जो आप बन सकते हो। औरत स्वय अद्भुत भुत भुत घड़ी ी उद्य ोगम�� काम करने क�� है��सय सय त स े, म�� अपने ��दल के कर��ब उन सभी म��हलाओं के ��लए,




Ser mulher é mágico, acredite nisto!
O DELANCE, um relógio único,
uma ode à feminilidade,
companheira da mulher na sua procura pessoal,

The collection

The collection

"The Delance watch carries the hope, talent, creative energy, courage, enthusiasm, confidence, excellence and love of all the women who participate in the realisation of this magical timekeeper.

A jewerly watch, a precious Taliswoman made by women, for women of the new millennium. For a time of sharing, a time of living, a time of harmony and spirituality. A time of infinite love."

Giselle Rufer-Delance
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Butterfly in a Storm

Butterfly in a Storm

‘Giselle’s story is one of determination, courage, resilience and just plain smarts. Her saga portrays an extraordinary individual who also embodies the traits women have exhibited over time – not only to survive, but to excel.’
– Irene Natividad, President, Global Summit of Women

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I have finished reading your story

I have finished reading your story

I have finished reading your story, I found it extremely interesting and inspiring. I have now given it to my colleague to read and then I am giving it to my daughter and daughter in law

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